Collection: Luminous Range

Be it acne, redness or excess oiliness, our Luminous range is formulated with calming and healing tea tree oil, calendula and neem oil as its core ingredients to soothe and promote clear skin. Get glowing and healthy skin with our luxe anti-acne formulations specially made for your oily skin. Explore the range to find your fave.
  • Luminous Skin Clearing Face Elixir
    Acne & Blemishes
    MRP: ₹ 2,350
  • Luminous Hydrating & Pore Perfecting Gel Serum
    Blemish & Pore Reduction + Priming
    MRP: ₹ 2,490
  • Luminous Detoxifying & Pore Refining Clay Face Mask
    With Amla, Green Tea and Niacinamide
    MRP: ₹ 1,690
  • Everyday Skin Treatment Essentials
    Healthy & Glowing Skin Everyday
    MRP: ₹ 1,690
  • Spotless Glow Duo
    A power-packed duo for instant glowy look
    MRP: ₹ 3,130