The Skincare & Wellness Handbook
with insights on skincare, haircare, DIY recipes and wellness practices

An E-Book by RAS Luxury Oils

Our dearest RAS Fam,
On our 3rd year anniversary, we are ecstatic to bring to you - RAS e-book to help you know more about using oils, natural skincare & wellness rituals.

This e-book not only will enrich your knowledge about natural skincare but also help you understand why we do what we do - i.e our philosophy and story.
To be honest, this landmark wouldn't have been possible without the unfettered support and trust that you all reposed in us. Gratitude to all of you. We promise to bring you innovative, effective and authentic products.
Hope our little effort serves as an enriching experience for you to dive deeper into a world of ethical, natural skincare.

-Shubhika Jain

Founder and CEO RAS Luxury Oils