Responsible. Sustainable. Loving.

Promoting A Greener Planet

At RAS we believe that sustainability is the key to glowing skin and a clean green planet. We like being transparent about our efforts in reducing the carbon footprints as much as our ingredients and formulations. Day by day, we strive to become eco-conscious in our daily processes and activities because this planet is our home and the source of all our rare and rich ingredients.

Reducing carbon footprint is also something we seriously work towards, some of which include, adoption of waste management technologies, safe waste disposal, utilisation of organic waste for manure, recycling of paper, shifting to digital ways to reduce paper usage, prevention of single-use plastic.

We are constantly looking for ways to use more sustainable materials for our packaging which has gravitated us towards biodegradable plastic, considered to be harmless to the environment. All our employees use glass water bottles instead of plastic. Our packaging department uses biodegradable bubble wrap for all despatch items and all packaging is done in glass, paper or aluminium cans while the khus(vetiver) bio waste is used in packaging gift boxes. We use only as much amount of paper as needed to pack the products safely to reduce excess wastage. Our Recycle With RAS initiative encourages people to return their empty product bottles to us for recycling them.

Organic farming techniques have been adopted like intercropping, which allows using nitrogen fixing plants and reduces the need for nitrogen to be added to the soil, thus eliminating the need of chemical fertilisers. Intercropping also allows resource sharing like land, water, nutrients etc., avoiding wastage of resources. The waste generated from the aromatic distillation unit is upcycled to make agarbatti or is used as compost.

We have also introduced a solar dryer recently for quick, effective, uniform drying of herbs and leaves that has also accelerated the process by 200%.

Responsible Sourcing of Clean Ingredients

We are India's first Farm-To-Face skincare brand which grows its ingredients in its own farms for complete control on the quality. We have also partnered with the local farmers for procuring naturally grown ingredients to connect directly with the source. With the system of ensured buyback of crops, the farmers are safe from market fluctuations and have a steady source of income.

Women Empowerment

We promote women empowerment by donating 10% of profits to women empowerment charities like - Maa Bamleshwari Janhit Kare Samiti and by providing employment opportunities to women at all levels be it in the fields, labs or in management. That accounts for the 70% women workforce in our organisation.

Animal Welfare

We love animals and constantly do our bit for their good like donating to animal welfare organisations in Raipur Maa Renuka Pashu Kalyan Smiti, People For Animals, Raipur and more. Recently, we organised a neutering drive for the dogs on our farms. With over 20 rescued animals and birds on our estates, we ensure each one of them is taken care of, fed, neutered and regularly undergo regular check-ups.

At RAS, we are in a constant strive to embrace and endorse all things good we get from Mother Nature and use them to our best capacity to promote a sustainable, healthy living.