It probably won’t come as a big surprise to you that studies show that our fathers prefer to avoid skin care; so razor burn, untreated acne  bumps, and fungal infections are rampant among the male population. 

This is because it is a common myth that men don’t need skincare. Well definitely, men’s skin is more acidic, oilier, 16% thicker and it ages in a different way. Hence, men postpone the aging process a bit longer than women but when it does happen, it happens big-time, leaving men with deeper wrinkles and a craggy appearance. Thus, just like women, men too need to take care of the largest organ of their body.

First, it’s important that your father identifies and understands his skin type:

  • Normal skin is clear and not sensitive
  • Dry skin is flaky, itchy or rough
  • Oily skin is shiny and greasy
  • Combination skin is dry in some areas and oily in others

Only after decoding his skin type, can he start using specific products that will suit him well.

Below are some common myths, actual facts and tips to ensure your father has equal if not better skin than your mom.

Myth 1: Regular soap is the best way to wash your face.

Fact: Your body soap is drying out your skin and not in a good way. Since body soap is harsh, you are making your face drier, more irritated, and more likely to getting allergies or even skin conditions such as acne and zits.


Myth 2: Men need to wash their face at least three to four times a day to get rid of skin’s greasiness.

Fact: When you over-wash your face, you make your skin dry, signalling the oil glands to produce even more oil than it was making before. Never wash your face more than two to three times a day with a pH balanced cleanser. When need be (specially during summers), one can use a refreshing toner like our Rose Nectar Face Mist with lavender and geranium for a dose of freshness.


Myth 3: Men don’t need to moisturise their skin, it is oily anyway.

Fact: Without adequate hydration, your skin will overcompensate by producing more oil, leaving you with clogged pores and breakouts. So, right moisturization is the key to healthy skin.
Try from our range of serums – Radiance (normal skin), Revival (dry skin), Luminous (oily and sensitive skin) and Infinity (mature skin) for a natural dose of moisturization.


Myth 4: Men don’t need shaving gel or cream to shave.

Fact: Dry shaves make skin rough and irritable. The best option? Use a gentle cleansing lotion, apply it to the area, then shave the hair in the opposite direction.


Myth 5: One can control aging and anti-aging products don’t work for men.

Fact: Aggressions on a daily basis from pollution, UV rays, extreme weather, and not so healthy eating behavior can greatly affect your skin health. It is true that men’s skin is thicker and has more collagen content, but they cannot defy aging. So, pick up well formulated products for your father in order for him to believe in the magic of good products. A Face Roller also helps depuff skin and boost collagen production in skin!

Myth 6: Men don't need Lip Balm.
Dehydration and dry lips don't just happen to women and often men forget to take care of their skin and lips because it feels “unmasculine”.Good lip balms contain ingredients that hydrate lips and help to repair any damage caused by dryness and reduce pigmentation.


Myth 7: Skincare products do more harm than good.

Fact: Not if you choose natural products. Look for the ingredient list. Decoratively spelled chemicals is your cue to not buy those products. Here at RAS, we build a 100% farm to face product with a fuss-free ingredient list.


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This also goes hand in hand with having a skin diagnostic and choosing the right products, as well as maintaining a balanced lifestyle in your wellness overview.  Take care, Stay Safe !
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