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Lemon Pure Essential Oil

Rs. 600

Size: 10 ml

The lemon essential oil has a clean, fresh aroma with citrusy notes that spread a cheerful vibe refreshing the ambience around and eliminating odours when diffused. This stimulating essential oil is helpful to rejuvenate energy and treat stress disorders by calming and reviving the mind. Dab onto your skin as a zesty perfume or diffuse to experience an energetic burst!


Increases the lustre of dull skin and rejuvenates tired skin. Aids in the treatment of pimples, acne and other skin disorders. Used as a hair tonic for strong, shiny hair and to eliminate dandruff.

Boosts positive concentration, efficiency, and alertness by removing mental exhaustion, anxiety, and nervousness with its refreshing aroma.

Acts as a tonic for the immune system due to its high vitamin content. Stimulates white blood cells, strengthening your ability to fight diseases. Improves blood circulation. Aids in weight loss.

Used as an effective disinfectant and cleanser due to its antibacterial properties and is used to freshen, disinfect and clean various surfaces in the household. 


Dilute a few drops in a carrier oil and massage in a circular motion.

Diffuse or spritz to enhance the ambience of the room.

Add a few drops to your bath and enjoy the benefits.

Add to detergent, dishwashing, and other cleaning liquids at home, or add to plain water for cleaning purposes. 


100% Pure Organic Lemon Essential Oil.


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