The skincare guide E-Book

The skincare guide E-Book

Dear RAS Fam,

Today, we’re ecstatic to introduce you to our second E-book! While the first one we launched last year covered everything you needed to know about skincare basics and the magic of using oils in your routine, this year, we’ve got something different in store for you.

The skincare guide E-Book

We’re incredibly grateful for our customers who have stood by us through all the ups and downs this past year. It is because of your support that we’ve survived and thrived, in spite of it all. We’ve had some incredible launches this year including our Gel Serums which have now become a bestselling segment and our category-defining Tinted Liquid Lip Balms. We have so much more in store for you, but all in due time.

In this E-book, we explore skincare and self-care with more depth than we did before. You’ll find equal parts exciting and interesting reads such as a guide to reading ingredient labels, face yoga tips by global expert Danielle Collins, pre-makeup skin prep tips by celebrity makeup artist Shraddha Naik and of course, a host of DIY beauty recipes for you to enjoy at home.

Thank you for your incredible support and all the love you send our way. hope the rest of your year is loaded with joyful festivities, and of course, the RAS glow.

Wishing you lots of love, luck and good health,
Shubhika Jain
RAS Luxury Oils

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