Your Facial Steaming Guide: How to steam face and what to use

To steam or Not to steam!? That is the question!

Wait a second,

How to steam? When to steam? Why to steam? These are also the questions.

Well, Well, Well… If you have these questions on your mind, don’t fret because we have got you covered. Just keep on reading to know more!

Why to Steam?

 Facial steaming has its own fan following because of all the benefits it seems to unfurl on one’s skin and that too with so much ease.It is believed that the simple process of facial steaming can Detox pores and help with extraction of blackheads and impurities in skin. Facial steaming is proven to improve blood circulation on the face therefore bringing more oxygen to the skin. It also helps release trapped sebum from the skin which aids in better product absorption and giving you that shining radiant skin!

How to Steam?

In order to pamper your skin with the goodness of steaming all you require is a bowl of hot water, a towel and last but not the least that pretty face of yours. The undemanding procedure can also be done using a steaming machine. However, if you do please invest in a good quality steamer. 

Once you are ready with your steaming arsenal, all you have to do is put your face 6-12 inches away from the hot water bowl/steamer, cover your head and the bowl or steamer with the towel and let the steam do its magic on your skin for 5 to 8 minutes. Steam burns are a real thing, so you need to be extra careful while doing this procedure.

When to Steam?

Anytime is the right time to steam, once a week of steaming your face is more than enough as overdoing it can dry out your skin. All we want you to be sure of is that your skin is clean enough prior to steaming so that all those external pollutants do not mess up with the procedure. So, please use a good face wash before you get started. 

Notes & Tips:

Supposedly, if you add herbs like chamomile, rosemary or parsley etc. to the hot water meant for steaming, you will attain the benefits of those ingredients as they will penetrate deeper into the skin. For example, if you infuse the hot water with chamomile, it will have a soothing and calming effect on your skin and you will end up with a refreshed skin. Another way is to add essential oils to the water like tea tree essential oil for anti acne and purifying benefits or any other oil of your choice sufficing your concern!

However, a thing to be noted is that if you have rosacea or any other skin inflammatory conditions or if you have an overly sensitive skin then it is recommended that you stay away from steaming and opt for some other suitable technique as steaming could worsen your skin condition. 

After you are finished with facial steaming, follow up with a gentle exfoliator which will prep your skin for other products to be used on. Now that you are done with exfoliation, it is a great time to apply a face mask or use a Face Elixir to reap most benefits out of them as they would go deeper into the skin.

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