What does Glutathione do for skin? What, Why & How?

What does Glutathione do for skin? What, Why & How?

Glutathione, a naturally occurring and potent antioxidant in the body, offers several benefits for skincare. Its primary function is to protect the skin from oxidative damage caused by factors like UV rays, pollution, and aging. This protective action is crucial for maintaining skin health and preventing premature aging. Here's a detailed overview of glutathione's role and benefits in skincare:

1. Antioxidant Properties: Glutathione acts as a powerful antioxidant, scavenging free radicals that can damage collagen, DNA, and body cells. This process is vital for skin health as free radicals can be induced by sun exposure, pollution, or smoking.
2. Skin Lightening and Even Tone: It can lighten dark spots by inhibiting melanin production, promoting an even skin tone and reducing discolorations. This makes it a popular ingredient in skincare products aimed at brightening the skin and is said to work 10x Better than vitamin C .
3. Anti-Aging Effects: By protecting the skin against oxidative damage, glutathione can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and other signs of aging. It also aids in detoxifying the skin, contributing to a youthful and healthy appearance.
4. Boosting Skin Health: Glutathione plays a role in disarming free radicals, recycling other antioxidants, encouraging cell turnover, and promoting collagen production, all of which are essential for maintaining robust and resilient skin.

How Can you add Glutathione in your Routine?
Serum: The most popular way to incorporate Glutathione into your skin care routine is Ras Brightening Face Serum which penetrates into your skin’s epidermis. The much-love Brightening Serum with Alpha Arbutin & Kojic Acid is a high-performing serum, that works with the skin’s own defences for brighter, firmer and more radiant skin.
Can you use Glutathione on your skin every day?
While it is suitable for almost all skin types, since Glutathione is an active ingredient, our experts recommend starting by using it every other day, to see how your skin responds. A certain amount of purging is normal once you introduce a new ingredient to your skin care routine, and once it settles, you can start using a Glutathione serum every day.

Is it better to use Glutathione topically or to consume Glutathione supplements?
Topical application of Glutathione versus taking supplementation is a common question asked. Ingesting any vitamin can definitely improve skin health, but most of the benefit will be directed to vital organs before the skin. Moreover, it takes around two to three weeks to build up sufficient vitamin stores to gain valuable skin benefits. Topically applied glutathione affects the skin immediately and at full potency. So if you’re specifically looking for the skin benefits of Glutathione, it is advisable to use it topically.

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