Valentines day gift ideas!

Valentines day gift ideas!

You're not someone likes to settle — and neither is your partner. That means when February 14 comes around, you want to wow the special person your life with a Valentines Day gift to remember (Or maybe pamper yourself a lil extra!).
As the world is highly bent towards minimalism and pragmatism today, give you Valentine a gift that comes straight from the heart but has useful and benefiting purposes as well. So, here we have combined for you a list of our best sellers that can easily fit your wishes:

1) Face Elixirs:
A range of well blended and crafted face oils infused with natural vitamins, minerals that
not only nourish the skin but help battle our common problems of pigmentation, acne,
patchy skin, etc.
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2) Rose Nectar:
Call it a toner, a hydrosol, a make-up fix, mood uplifter, skin nourisher – this magic nectar
infused with rose, lavender and geranium is multipurpose and is handy to carry in your bag
anytime and anywhere.

3) Travel Gift Set:
Is your partner always on the go and doesn’t have the time to transfer your skincare pack
in bottles? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Buy our miniature gift set and let your
partner say goodbye to these worries.

4) Lip Balm:
Sitting on your date with chapped lips? Nobody wants that embarrassment. Give your
lips the essential nourishment of argan, rosehip, castor and shea oils and gift one to your
partner, too!
Pamper your partner with our Oh-so-Luxe Liquid Lip Balm

5) Essential Oils:
Want to keep your special Valentines’ Day low key and enjoy movie and popcorn at home
with your partner? To add to this amazing plan, gift her/ him a set of our essential oils
and use it as diffuser to linger in the aroma and have a relaxed evening.
We love the Sweet orange essential oil to Uplift the mood !
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