PRE and POST Holi skincare routine with RAS

PRE and POST Holi skincare routine with RAS


Holi is truly the most spirited and colorful festival in the world. While traditionally, it was celebrated with dry powdered colours (gulal) and buckets of water, unfortunately today it comes with tons of pigmented synthetic colours.

All that colour on the skin coupled with exposure to the sun and intermittent water splashes can leave it looking dull and damaged. Prep your skin so that you can enjoy Holi while minimising the damage. We have some tips that will help you play Holi in a way that is safe for your skin.

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While wearing full sleeved cotton clothing, some sunscreen, staying hydrated and rubbing the face with ice cubes before Holi starts, are a must staple tips, we shall focus here on things that will particularly keep your skin and hair
healthy in this vibrant festival:

  • Oiling your skin with organic essential oils and nourishing carrier oils are a great way to restore the natural texture of your skin. Our face elixirs contain nourishing essential oils right from jojoba, rosehip, castor, hibiscus among many which seal and develops a protective layer on the skin.
  • For your lips, apply a thick layer of our liquid lip balm to protect them against all artificial pigments and chemicals.
  • Colours can make the hair frizzy and dead. Before heading out for playing Holi, make sure you use our Luscious Hair Treatment Oil to hydrate and coat your hair. Possibly, then tie them in a bun or braid as less surface area would be exposed to damage.
  • Skin on other parts of the body is equally important. day before Holi, apply body oil all over your body and massage it into skin. This hydrates skin so that it absorbs less color the next day. Also, Just an hour before you play Use our body oils or simply any pure plant oil such as Argan for the same.


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Since you have followed pre-Holi skincare, the post-holi damage will be lesser than usual, but even so, you need to do some post Holi skincare rituals. Here are some tips to follow.

  • After using a gentle face and body wash (you can also use our body oils/ pure plant oils to remove colours off your skin), scrub your skin gently with our body scrub (we would recommend our Lavender and Geranium Scrub for the same) and rid-off that extra hint of chemicals off your skin.
  • Dousing your skin in hydration is equally important as cleaning. For the same, don’t use body lotions as they are loaded with chemicals and will do more harm than good. Our body oils are a well-crafted blend of essentials oils which sink well into the skin and provides a stronger and lasting hydration.
  • Any redness or irritation must be dealt with gently. Just spray our Rose Nectar on the irritated areas as that will tone and help cool down your skin. Keep repeating it religiously throughout for a few days.
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