Natural Skincare routine -This Women’s day

This year’s official theme of International Women’s Day, #BeBoldForChange, encourages men and women everywhere to take groundbreaking steps for gender equality.

While we (women) are fighting for equal rights and balance in every sphere of our lives, why not fight enough to keep that flawless skin balanced? Because when you get comfortable in your own skin, then you shine and radiate without any inhibitions.

So, whether it’s your mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, girlfriend, or a female friend… Why not celebrate IWD by making them feel special?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman; we can all show our gratitude and love for the women around us. And, to help you out further, we’ve specially curated a list of items that you can give to the women in your life (thank us later!):

  • Rose Nectar Face & Body Spritz Toner - Our Toner acts as a natural astringent which reduces oiliness, balances pH and helps tighten the pores. Gift your woman this as a go-to beauty potion that she can use round the clock.

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  • Face Elixirs/ Serums – Right from Infinity (for aging skin), Radiance (for normal skin), Luminous (for oily skin), to Revival (for dry skin), our elixirs offer a plethora of nutrients that nourishes the skin from deep within and also provides an everlasting glow.

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  • Face Rollers – what is better than to gift the women in your life with a unique and well crafted piece of these which is totally in vogue and also has beauty & wellness benefits? This piece of stone enables lymphatic drainage and hence, reduces puffiness and increases microcirculation. Choose from our range of face rollers – Rose Quartz, Jade Stone, Clear Quartz, and Blue Opal!

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  • Lip Balm/ Oil – One of the most prominent features on a woman’s skin is her lips! Formulated with 100% natural ingredients, our one-of-a-kind lip oil nourishes lips and helps with pigmentation, too!

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  • Essential Oils – Pick from our 13 essential oils and welcome your woman into a house full of fragnance. What more? You can gift her a set of these for a variety of beauty boosting (like tea tree can be used to treat acne) and wellness treats (like nutmeg helps to eradicate pain)!