Mothers Day Special: A Day in my Life - The RAS of everyday rituals, by our Co-founder – Sangeeta Jain

Mothers Day Special: A Day in my Life - The RAS of everyday rituals, by our Co-founder – Sangeeta Jain

No two days are the same but there certain things we do almost every day no matter what.Juggling between roles of a mom, wife, daughter in law, entrepreneur comes with it’s set of plus and minuses. These challenges makes our lives exciting and makes us stretch beyond our limits. I love to go by the rhythms of nature which we can say is my RAS Life Routine.

I cherish waking up early in the morning, it is the best time of the day for me. I love to start my day with splashing cold water on my face and eyes and apply a combination of various oils at different times. Exercise is a must every day, I spend an hour everyday exercising and doing my pranayama rituals, followed by a little bit of meditation. Another thing that I love is my bath, filled with the addition of essential oils and bathing supplements. I find this very therapeutic. Abhayangas of using various oils, using ubtans i.e. Because of the weather being very hot in Raipur, I find comfort in easy cotton clothing. Mornings are the best time of the day for me.

Then food and liquids for the mind and body. My usual go-to is a seasonal fruit paired with juice or coconut water, it really energizes and sets me for the day. Then we move onto the day to day tasks, planning for the day ahead, eating a scrumptious breakfast, looking after the immediate task list around the house.

After this, we focus on work. I enjoy and love what I’m doing now. Formulating skincare, researching for ingredients, trying out various potions, organising the workspace. I really like designing as well, so I use that skill set to design our farms, planning what sort of plantation should be grown in which part, looking after the farms and our forever hard working on ground support team. And this brings me to the evenings.

This is when I’m back in my garden, watering plants if possible, spending time with my family. Evenings are for family and friends. I speak to my closest friend circle and spend time with my family over a light dinner. This is followed by my nighttime routine before bed. Since I’m an early riser, I like to sleep early as well. But before that it’s usually a night time routine with my favorite RAS nighttime products, this is followed by a short meditation session or reading a book before I go to sleep. I start and end my day with gratitude, for having everyone around me. My family, my children, my loved ones, their constant love and support keeps me going.

I hope your everyday rituals and habits and keeping you positive in these stressful times. Take Care, Stay Safe! 
Lots of Gratitude & Love

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