MONSOON CARE – RIGHT HERE! Tips for glowing skin & manageable hair this monsoon

As soothing this monsoon is for our senses and to have some respite from the heat, our skin and hair definitely don’t feel the same way. This humidity spells disaster for our hair and also has the potential to wreak havoc on our skin.
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Having irritable skin and endless strands of hair on your brush this rainy season? No worries, we heard you. Apart from drinking a lot of water and having a wholesome diet, here are some tips and tricks that you can follow to keep all skin and hair issues at bay this season:


  • Cleanse Thoroughly: Cleansing your face twice daily — morning and once before bed is a must. You want to make sure that you’re not hitting the bed with bacterial building up on your skin.
  • Moisturize Smartly: Don’t load your skin with heavy moisturizers. Keep it light and effective. Use our Radiance Beauty Boosting Face Serum for a hydrating and protective moisturization.
  • Exfoliate Intermittently: Clogged pores are a major problem during monsoons and in order to clear them away and make your skin more breathable, use a gentle exfoliator for your skin once or twice a week. We would recommend our Salt and Geranium Himalayan Salt Body Polish to engage you skin in a spa like exfoliating experience.

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  • Keep Fungal Infections at Bay: These are more common in the rainy season, mainly due to wet clothes and sweat. Armpits, groin, the skin under the breasts and the area between our toes are most commonly affected. Just soak your feet in water with few drops of antibacterial essential oil like Tea Tree, Lemon, Rosemary, etc. and remain carefree! You can also add few drops of these oils in your daily bath for an antifungal yet aromatic experience.
  • Acne Care: Humidity causes our skin to sweat and collects dirt and pollutants more easily. This attracts bacteria, leading to boils. Use our Tea Tree essential oil for topical treatment of acne. Also, our Luminous Skin Clearing Face Serum with tea tree, green tea, neem, etc. which keeps acne away.

How to Prevent Monsoon Hair Loss

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  • No to Combing Your Wet Hair: This makes the hair follicles weak and hence more prone to hairfall.
  • Keep Your Hair Dry: Dance in the rain is a strict no. Excess moisture and dirt from rain when settled into the scalp can cause infections and hairfall so wash your hair with shampoo right away.
  • Use a Good Sulphate Free Antibacterial Shampoo: Choose a good sulphate-free antibacterial shampoo or use few drops of our essential oil like tea tree or rosemary in your daily shampoo. This keep the scalp infection free and less hairfall prone.
  • Oil Regularly: Oiling is nourishment to the hair and shouldn’t be skipped ever! Use our pure plant oils such as Argan or Jojoba to gently apply on the scalp and hair to give moisture to the hair. Oiling helps prevent the hair from breakage and lends ground from strengthening the hair from the roots.

These small steps go a long way to healthier skin and hair. A little time invested in the right diet and the right way costs nothing and goes a long way!

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