Lip pigmentation: How to treat and care for this common skin concern

Lip pigmentation: How to treat and care for this common skin concern

We all love a natural, rosy pout that’s hydrated and nourished at all times. However, lip pigmentation and discolouration are concerns too many of us deal with. Lip pigmentation could mean anything from blackened lips to discoloured or uneven toned lips which can also impact how you feel about yourself and lower your self-esteem. This makes it important to look after your lips like you look after the rest of your skin.

Lip Pigmentation is an issue most prevalent amongst Asians (70-80% people suffer from this), especially common within the Indian population. When hoping to treat and care for dull, pigmented lips, it is important to pay attention towards protecting and nourishing  them with a tailored routine in place. Lifestyle habits like smoking and even dehydration can make your lips appear darker, duller and drier than you’d like. Here’s how you can nurse them back to health.

Skincare tips for lip pigmentation

  • Don’t let your lips stay dry or chapped and definitely don’t lick them or bite off dry skin.
  •  Exfoliate your lips 2-3 times a week to get rid of dead and dry skin build-up. However, always opt for gentle exfoliants with plant and sugar-based ingredients.

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  • You can use an overnight lip mask or a heavier oil blend at night to allow your lips to regenerate while you sleep.
  • Make sure your lip products don’t contain any toxins as they often harm your lips at a deeper level. Use a pure, natural and nourishing lip balm regularly to keep them soft and healthy. Lip oils made of ingredients such as Rosehip and Almond oil and Vitamin C can help plump and brighten your lips.
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  • Avoid unprotected sun exposure as UV rays can darken your lips. Try a lip balm with SPF, Or apply your sunscreen on your lips as well.
  • Certain natural remedies like using honey mixed with beetroot juice as a rinse-off mask can also help lighten your lips.
  • If your pigmentation persists, see a dermatologist and opt for in-clinic treatments to help treat and lighten your pout.

Diet and lifestyle tips for lip pigmentation

  • Hydration is definitely an essential step when taking care of pigmented lips. Make sure you have enough water and other nutritional fluids over the course of the day, everyday.
  • No matter how busy your day may be, don’t deprive yourself of healthy food at regular intervals. Eat nutritious food and include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • Avoid excessive caffeine consumption, especially black tea or coffee as they can leave stains on your lips, making them appear discoloured.
  • Avoid smoking or completely cut it out of your life if you can. Nicotine is a known culprit to cause lip pigmentation.
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