How to Take Care of Your Beauty Tools: Tips & Tricks to clean your Face Rollers & Gua sha

How to Take Care of Your Beauty Tools: Tips & Tricks to clean your Face Rollers & Gua sha

Facial tools like face rollers and Gua Sha are widely in vogue (for the right reasons!) and are known to help de-puff and promote the all-important lymphatic drainage. But as everyone is rolling their way to glowing skin, these questions can come to mind: How do I take care of these tools? Should I wash them? And how do I store them?

Cleaning Your Beauty Tools

Cleaning your beauty tools is very important. A dirty tool can cause several skin problems such as acne, greasiness, breakouts, and more.

After and before each use, we recommend using a soft cloth/ towel to wipe the roller or Gua Sha tool clean. This helps in prevention of any bacteria spreading to you skin.To clean it deeply (we suggest once every 3-4 days), you can wash the Jade Gua Sha or Beauty face Roller with mild soapy water. Also, you can dampen a soft cloth/ towel with soapy water to do the same. Interestingly, IPA (Isopropyl alcohol) based sanitizers work well to sanitize your beauty tools too!

Let it air dry or use another clean dry towel to wipe it dry.

Storing Your Beauty Tools

Gua Sha and Face Rollers are made of precious stones ( Rose quartz & Jade) and hence are brittle so it must be stored carefully. Store it in the box provided and at a place which is not often used to avoid any accident of breakage with your lovely beauty tool and rendering it useless.

RAS Recommends to store your beauty tool in cold storage or a mini beauty fridge. This will cool down the stone and give a spa like cooling effect on the skin when you use it.

While you travel also, store your beauty tool in the box provided and carry it along anywhere and everywhere!


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