Exfoliation – Why to exfoliate skin? How and What to use? NEWLY LAUNCHED POLISH UP Exfoliating Face Cleanser.

Exfoliation – Why to exfoliate skin? How and What to use? NEWLY LAUNCHED POLISH UP Exfoliating Face Cleanser.

Ever wondered- why is there so much hype about exfoliation everywhere? Well, it’s simple. Our skins’ top layer is composed of dead skin cells and to reveal a younger looking skin, we must ‘exfoliate’ or remove that skin away.

Benefits of exfoliating your skin:

  • Increases skin cell turnover
  • Prevents wrinkles
  • Keeps blemishes and spots at bay
  • Increase effective absorption of other products
  • Reduces appearance of pores

One can use either a physical exfoliator (which is a grainy-textured substance to massage into the skin to manually remove surface debris and brush off dead skin) or a chemical exfoliator (compound that penetrates deeper layers of skin, rejuvenating skin cells from within). Chemical exfoliators are further divided into Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) and Beta hydroxy acid (BHA). AHAs are often gentler, hence more suitable for all skin types and can be used almost daily once your skin gets used to it.

If you have sensitive or dry skin, you have to take caution with exfoliation and use gentler forms such as lactic acid. For Normal and Oily skin, physical and stronger chemical exfoliation work well.

How many times to exfoliate -
This totally depends upon the product, your suitability to it and your skin type. So read up the instructions and exfoliate as per the suggestion on the product.
Sensitive skin types should limit it to 2-3 times a week.

So, how about a product which helps you thoroughly clean and gently exfoliate your skin everyday with a combination of physical exfoliation and AHA’s? Look no further, we have a product for you – a gentle exfoliating everyday cleanser - Polish Up!

A powder to foamy base, mild exfoliating daily cleanser that deeply cleanses without ripping off moisture from the skin. Made with rice and oatmeal powder with gentle goodness of calendula, rose, French clay and powered with lactic acid – this cleans dirt, sebum, oil and exfoliates away any dead cells unveiling much brighter, softer skin from within.

  •  Gently cleanses the skin of dirt and impurities.
  •  Purifies the skin from within by gentle micro exfoliation.
  •  Boosts skin health and promotes even skin tone
  •  Makes the skin brighter, softer and shinier.

Natural botanicals like rose and calendula soften and soothe inflammation, coconut milk softens the skin and clay acts as a detoxification for your pores. With super mild coconut derived surfactants this product washes away all the dirt and dead skin off leaving you super soft, clean and your skin prepped for all your other skincare products.

Follow this up with the Rose Nectar/Vetiver Refresh Face Mist & the Face elixir suitable for your skin type.

Why You Need It

Exfoliators improve skin texture by removing excess dead skin cells, making room for newer and younger skin cells. Can also stimulate collagen, a protein which is vital for healthy skin.

What is in it ?

1.Cellulose powder: cellulose is also known to possess strong humectant properties, which helps to increase the amount of moisture in the skin.

2. Oatmeal powder: Rich in proteins and lipids, oatmeal has potent emollient properties, making it a great moisturizer. It also contains anti-inflammatory vitamin E, along with phenols and starches to aid in moisturization.

3. Rice bran husk: It is an excellent source of vitamin E which has the tendency to penetrate deep into your skin's layers. It is also rich in omega fatty acids.

4. Rice powder: Rice powder contains allantoin, para-aminobenzoic acid and ferulic acid. Allantoin helps soothe skin and promotes regeneration and repair of skin cells.

5. Aloevera: Aloe Vera contains certain compounds called polysaccharides, which helps in encouraging skin repair and new skin cells.

The cooling properties of the plant help in soothing redness, infection, rash, and itchiness.

6. Coconut milk powder: Coconut milk has high levels of Vitamin C which helps maintain elasticity and flexibility of skin.

 It is also rich in copper, and prevents wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots.

7. Calendula helps soothe and reduce inflammation in skin.

8. Rose petal powder The vitamin C present, helps in collagen production, which in turn helps heal & lighten skin blemishes.

9. Corn silk extract helps reduce pigmentation in skin.

10. Plant based AHA(alpha hydroxy acids): compound that penetrates deeper layers of skin, rejuvenating skin cells from within.

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