What is a Face Essence? How it works, FAQ's - All you need to know about our Glow Potion Essence toner

What is a Face Essence? How it works, FAQ's - All you need to know about our Glow Potion Essence toner

For many of us using an essence is a new experience and trust us, it is going to have super fruitful results for your skin.

Our newly launched Glow Potion, is an intelligent combination of an Essence and a Toner where the product is packed with over 10 bio-active ingredients that are meant to benefit one’s skin in various ways. Essence toner not just tones the skin and helps maintain the right PH level but also provides deeper hydration and boosts penetration and amplify’s efficacy of the products applied after the Essence Toner.

Packed with over 96% flower extracts and plant juices along with gently formulated potent actives like niacinamide that works to reduce pore size, hyaluronic that plumps skin, has major anti ageing benefits.  This Glow potion is going to leave your skin dewy for that crystal clear glow!

Lets dive into some of the questions:

- Can we use a toner with it?
Yes, a toner can be used ‘before’ applying Glow Potion Face Essence Toner but if you ask us, a toner is not needed separately because this potion also acts as a Toner for your skin.

- Can I use the essence in the middle of the day to refresh skin?
 We recommend using the Rose nectar face mist for that - you can also use it to refresh your makeup. Think of the glow potion as more of a treatment for your skin as opposed to skin mist to refresh.

- How to get the best out of this product?

Avoid taking the product on a cotton pad and then applying it because that would cause unnecessary wastage of this precious potion. The best way to use it is to apply it right after you have cleansed your face by taking 2-3 pumps out on the palm and pat - press it all over the skin. 

 - How do essences hydrate the skin?
Being super light and with low molecular size they not only sit on the top layers of skin but penetrate deeper & create a pathway that subsequent products can follow. This allows your oils and moisturizers to sink in deeper than they would on their own!

 - Does this product help with pores?

Yes, with persistent use it would definitely help, refine skin texture &  minimize the appearance of open pores.

- What should be the next step after using this Potion?

It is advised to follow it up with our Gel serums/Face elixirs and then SPF during the day.

- Who can use this?
This product is suitable for all skin types.

- What are the major concerns it targets?
Dullness, hydration, anti ageing, environmental stressors as well as brightening your skin.

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