A Simple Skin Routine with RAS!

A proper skincare regimen is the key to ever glowing healthy and flawless skin, but it doesn’t have to be super complicated. So here we break it down the RAS way:

On a clean face, always start with a good Hydrating Mist to balance skin pH and prep up your skin for better absorption of products that follow. Then we must move to the next important step ––active nourishment. Our Face Elixirs are a concoction of essential plant-based oils and extracts that improve skin tone, provide skin with essential nutrients and keep it healthy and supple.

We love the emulsification of the water soluble& oil soluble components on the skin in our Face Care regimes. It creates an opportunity for some therapeutic manual pressure, which is the key to facial toning and detoxification. Use our Gua Sha or Facial Roller to finish this regimen for a well-nourished and contoured skin.

Here’s is a breakdown for you according to various skin types to help you out with a religious skin protocol with RAS.

Normal Skin:

  • Rose Nectar Face and Body Spritz Toner: It is important that on a clean skin, you must use some toner to balance your skin pH and tighten your pores. This helps in absorption of the other subsequent products into your skin.
  • Radiance Beauty Boosting Face Elixir: Nourishment is a very important step in skincare. And, nourishment, hydration with the right ingredient (in this case, a blend of finest plant oils) will enrich you skin and make it luminous and soft.
  • Add-on: You can use our Oh-So-Luxe Liquid Lip Balm to hydrate those chapped lips. Additionally, you can enhance blood circulation and enhance your ritual with our Rose Quartz Roller.

Oily Skin:

  • Vetiver Refresh Face Mist: If you have an oily skin, you must use some toner to reduce oiliness, control open pores and extra sheen on your skin. With the goodness of vetiver and tea tree, this helps in refreshing your skin meanwhile balancing your skin’s pH to avoid any breakouts.
  • Luminous Skin Clearing Face Elixir: Hydration is important in oily skin to control excess sebum production. With antimicrobial essential oils that prevent and reduce acne, oil imbalance and inflammation, it gives you a flawless complexion.
  • Add-on: You can use our Oh-So-Luxe Liquid Lip Balm to hydrate those chapped lips. Additionally, the Jade Gua Sha can be used to increase blood circulation, promote cellular regeneration and reduce acne scarring.
Dry Skin:
  • Rose Nectar Face and Body Spritz Toner: Dry skin needs hydration at every step. With steam distilled Lavender and Rose water, this toner ensures to provide a refreshing dose of hydration for your skin while giving it a luminous effect.
  • Revival Rejuvenating Face Elixir: An exquisite concoction of botanical oils with a rich yet lightweight texture that repairs and heals from deep within. It revives fatigued skin and aids in regeneration of skin cells to ensure a smooth looking skin.
  • Add-on: You can use our Oh-So-Luxe Liquid Lip Balm to hydrate those chapped lips. Additionally, you can use Jade roller for better absorption of skin products to ensure a hydrated and supple skin. Our Deep Nourish Butter Balm will ensure no part of your skin stands dehydrated – be it your hands, feet, cuticles or even your hair! You can also layer it on your face on top of the face elixir especially in winters to seal in all the goodness.

Sensitive Skin:

  • Rose Nectar Face and Body Spritz Toner: Sensitive skin demand only gentle ingredients. Lavender in our toner helps to calm down any skin inflammation and avoid any breakouts.
  • Jojoba Oil/ Rosehip Oil /Radiance Beauty Boosting Face Elixir: Jojoba oil’s composition matches that of our skin’s sebum and hence when applied, our skin doesn’t become reactive. Alternatively, after a patch test you can use our Radiance – which has the goodness of Jojoba and other gentle plant oils to help hydrate the skin without any inflammation or breakouts.
  • Add on: A cool refrigerated Jade Face Roller will perfectly calm you skin and relax you.

Pigmented Skin:

  • Vetiver Refresh Face Mist: Pigmented skin needs skin clearing and brightening ingredients. With the goodness of vetiver and tea tree, this helps to fade marks and ensure a brighter refreshed skin – thanks to the peppermint as well!
  • Gold Radiance Beauty Boosting Face Elixir: With the goodness of 24K gold, this helps in reducing oxidation and even out blemishes revealing a luminous skin from within!
  • Add-on: Additionally, if your skin has a higher hydration tolerance, you may use Rosehip oil to face pigmentation and acne marks and follow it up with a good Jade Gua Sha Ritual.

Aging/ Mature Skin:

  • Rose Nectar Face and Body Spritz Toner: Rose has antioxidant properties that help regeneration of skin cells revealing a younger looking skin. Spray this toner all over your clean face to ensure a well-hydrated and brighter skin.
  • Infinity Anti-Ageing Face Elixir: A non-greasy face oil crafted to revive and fortify the facial skin. It is a luxurious blend of precious, antioxidant-rich oils, it reduces pigmentation and gives a radiant, glowing complexion that makes the skin look visibly younger and softer. It is rich in vitamin C which helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines while brightening the skin.
Add-on: Additionally, you can use our Jade Gua Sha/ Jade Face Roller to help tone your skin and visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

FOR ALL: as part of your regime
Few times week: warm towel compression, exfoliation of skin, masking and
Everyday: following up the Face Elixirs with a sunscreen during the day.