5 reasons why our lip mask deserves a spot on your shelf

5 reasons why our lip mask deserves a spot on your shelf

You’ve probably dealt with chapped lips and pigmentation at some point in your lives, just like the rest of us. But did you know why these lip concerns are so common? It is because the outer protective layer of skin is much thinner on your lips. Also, the skin layer on your lips produces less melanin and is more prone to sun damage. If you’re someone who has the persistent habit of licking their lips, you’ll notice how your pout somehow always seems to be chapped. Additionally, did you also know that nearly all tinted lip products contribute to more dry, cracked, or irritated lips? Wearing lipstick everyday is not the issue, not looking after your lips is. The upcoming dry winters and your loaded social calendar may not help your dry lips, but our new launch definitely can. Our Lush Lips Hydrating & Nourishing Lip Mask is a wonder product you’ll love to use through the festive season, winter months, and honestly, all year round. Here’s why:

It treats your lips while you snooze

Beauty experts are always emphasising on the importance of a defined nighttime skincare routine. This is because your skin truly relaxes, rejuvenates, repairs and heals while you sleep. While using a night serum, moisturiser and eye cream is essential, don’t forget about your pout. Apply a layer of our buttery lip mask and let it sink in over the course of the night to ensure that you wake up with soft, plump lips.

It looks after lip pigmentation

Darkening of lips is a very common skin concern. This can occur due to excessive use of lip makeup (all of which may not necessarily be clean formulations), habits such as smoking daily and of course, sun damage. Trust our antioxidant-rich lip mask, with ingredients like various berry extracts, rosehip oil and rose extracts to effectively reverse lip damage and pigmentation of all kinds.

It nourishes your lips like nothing else does

Our hardworking Lush Lips Lip Mask comes together to provide  your pout with lightweight yet intense hydration while you sleep. It has been specially formulated with nourishing aloe vera, cocoa butter, sunflower seed wax, olive squalene, etc. to treat your lip tissues and deeply hydrate them overnight.

It is truly a multisensory experience in a product

With a blend of botanical ingredients such as geranium flower oil, rose flower oil and berry extracts, our lip mask is as fragrant and as soothing as a pillow spray. Just put it on and allow it to relax your senses with its therapeutic aroma. The balm melts in your fingers and coats your lips easily, making application effortless as well.

It fits right into your prep for makeup

Have you ever tried applying lipstick to dry lips? If yes, then you know the tight, uncomfortable feeling that makes you want to take your  lipstick off as soon as possible. We all know the fact that lipsticks look best on healthy, nourished lips. Our lip mask, unlike any lip balms, gives you a smoother, more even base in 15-20 minutes. This is due to the deeply nourishing ingredients which quickly penetrate when applied on the lips and result in instant hydration and plumpness.

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