A face elixir is a magical potion & super effective and highly potent product when used the right way in your skincare regime. Follow the below thumb rules when applying face oils for happy, healthy & glowing skin.

  1. Using Directly on Dry Skin


Always apply facial oil on slightly damp (not dry/wet!) skin. Oils applied with moisture (water, mist, toner) improves the skin’s ability to absorb emollient facial oils for better product performance, softer & plumper looking skin that has locked in all the hydration & moisture.


  1. Using Way Too Much Product


The more the better’ – if you follow this for facial oils, then you are wrong. Facial oils are concentrated and a very little goes a long way. You need a maximum of 4-5 drops for your face and neck. Facial oils are comprised of those ingredients that are already present in your dermis. They help in triggering the already present ingredients; this means you can get more results when less product is used. Using more than the required amount will simply lead to product wastage & possibly make your skin feel heavy and greasy.


  1. Using Wrong Oil to Your Skin Type

You may have felt that oils aren’t for me, but that could totally be because its not the right one for your skin type. If you want to reap best benefits from any skincare product, make sure you choose it as per your skin type and concerns.


For example, for oily and acne-prone skin types use facial oils that may not be too heavy (Avocado oil, Marula oil, Coconut oil) or pore clogging. For oily skin type jojoba, olive squalane, hazelnut oils are some of the best picks.


Read this blog and choose the right face oil as per your skin type:



  1. Relying on a Single Plant Oil

A combination of oils or alternating between oils will give better results by providing different nutrients and vitamins to your skin. Our face elixirs are a combination of multiple plant cold-pressed oils, plant extracts & active botanicals that will provide an array of essential vitamins &  nutrients to your skin.

  1. Not Being Consistent with Your Skincare Routine


Your skin of course cannot look like that of a photoshop-ed person with several filters, but it can still look gorgeous with a consistent skincare routine. You can reduce age spots, diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles, get rid of redness, and acne. So remember, whatever skin care routine you practice, consistency will always remain essential to its effectiveness.