4 Ways to use Tinted Liquid Lip Balms

4 Ways to use Tinted Liquid Lip Balms

If you’ve ever heard that makeup is a pain and time taking exercise, our tinted lip balms put that notion to rest. Our new launches - Oh So Luxe Tinted Lip Balms - I am Kind (Rosy Nude), I am Love (Perfect Pink), I am Cherishes (Coral Crush), I am Beautiful (Nude Pink) - are super hydrating and give your lips a healthy dose of colour. They are easy to apply and are a low maintenance option for a pop of color. 

Let us tell you why our all-new tinted lip balms are the magic products that you must add to your beauty bag! 

  • Use It As A Eyeshadow

A runway trend, tinted lip balms don’t just make your lips pop up bright but also let your eyes catch the eyes of onlookers. Wondering how you can grab the spotlight? Just apply a little bit in the center of your eyes and dab outwards for a bright look.
  • Use It As A Blush

Skip the powder blush and swap in your favorite tinted lip balm instead. Yes, it’s all you need for a natural flush. Simply use your finger to lightly pat the balm along your cheekbones, focusing on the apples of your cheeks. It gives you this dewy glow that’ll surely have your friends asking the secret behind the rosy sheen. 

  • Contour With It

Who doesn’t love a little contour. ;) But carrying too many products for an outing can be a buzzkill. We get you! These tinted lip balms don’t just make for a great addition to you rosy lips but also work well for a cool contour look. Just pick your favourite colour and work along those contour lines!

  • Keep Your Lips Hydrated

And of course, applying lip tint with the goodness of natural butters and oils to your lips will help keep your lips hydrated all day while also adding a little bit of color. It's definitely a win-win.


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