4 DIY Natural Body Scrub Recipes to Try at Home

4 DIY Natural Body Scrub Recipes to Try at Home

More than likely, facial exfoliation is already a key step in your skincare
routine. Every few days you scrub your face to slough off dead skin and
increase cell turnover, revealing radiant skin underneath. Right? But we bet
that the rest of your body doesn’t get that kind of TLC. Focusing on your face is
great, but the rest of our skin is made from the exact same cells, and it needs
corresponding care!

With age, accumulated sun damage, and certain skin issues, skin’s natural
ability to invisibly shed dead surface cells becomes faulty—sometimes
stopping altogether. The result is a build-up of dry, ashen-looking skin that can
make your arms, elbows, legs—pretty much everywhere—look dull, uneven,
and older than they really are.

Here are some recipes for you to start right away from home!

1. Multigrain Scrub:
Rice Powder – 2 tablespoons
Mung beans Powder – 2 tablespoons
Black sesame seeds Powder – 2 tablespoons
Oats Powder – 2 tablespoons
Rose water – 5 to 6 teaspoons
Fresh milk / plain curd – 2 tablespoons

2. Gentle Grapefruit Honey Sugar
2/3 cup raw honey
2/3 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup grapefruit juice / can use cucumber juice as alternate

3. Exfoliating Lavender & Orange Salt Scrub
1/2 cup pink Himalayan salt
1/2 cup dead sea salt
2 Table spoon jojoba oil or any other oil
5 drops Lavender essential oil
2 drops sweet orange essential oil

4. Cellulite Reduction Coffee Scrub
1 cup coffee grounds
1/3 cup coconut oil (or sweet almond oil)
2/3 cup sugar
4 drops cinnamon oil / 1 Teaspoom cinnamon powder

Make sure the grain size is small and not harsh for your skin giving you a gentle
polish. Do a patch test on your inner arm before application on entire body!

Directions of Usage:
Run a warm shower and allow your skin to get completely wet and softened.
Turn off the shower and apply the scrub all over your body, avoiding your face.
But do pay special care to dry spots like elbows, knees and feet.
Massage the scrub into your skin, using a circular motion.
Gently rinse off the salt scrub using warm water. Some of the oil should remain
on your skin. Pat your skin dry with a towel.



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