Your V-Day Gift Guide With RAS

Your V-Day Gift Guide With RAS

At RAS, love is all around us. The farms where all our ingredients come from, the labs where they get processed to the office where we pack them; it’s all made with the best intentions and a whole lot of love. 

Love for the skin you’re in is our motto and while Valentine’s Day is a great day to express this, it’s an ideal we like to stick to all year round. 

This Valentine’s Day, and everyday, take care of your skin with our award winning skincare but don’t leave without our new beauties - three new shades of our customer favourite tinted liquid lip balms are here and they’re all made for the Indian skin tone. You’re going to love them. 

  • Valentines #LoveThySkin Gift box

Mauve pink tinted lip balm + Rose Nectar + Radiance face elixir

This Valentine’s Day, show your skin some love with our limited-edition hamper encased

with a tinted liquid lip balm, rose nectar face mist, beauty boosting face elixir serum, and

a gorgeous keepsake box to cherish the memory forever.

Get ready for the day of love with a spritz of hydration using the rose face mist, glow up

with the beauty boosting elixir and perfect that pout with our bestselling liquid lip balm.

  • Tinted Lip Balm Miniature Set

Mauve pink + Berry Red + Nude Brown + Clear

Swipe on the hydrating precious oil-infused Liquid Lip Balm on this special day not just for healthy nourishment but for a super attractive pout. Try Mauve Pink/ Berry Red/ Nude Brown/ Clear according to your outfit and mood and give your lips a dose of colour and care at once.

  • Glow Boosting Beauties Gift Set

Cleanser +Toner + Mist + elixir

Just one set of minis which will take care of your entire skincare ritual and is travel friendly as well if you’re travelling for this special day with your special one. A powder-to-foam, mild exfoliating daily face wash cleanser that deeply cleanses to prepare the skin for toning. Then, reveal a dewy glow instantly with our hyaluronic and niacinamide-infused Glow Toner. Then spray your skin with our refreshing Rose Mist and lastly hydrate using our 24K Gold Radiance Face Elixir for a radiant skin.

  • Everyday Essential Lip Tints Duo

For Lips, Cheeks & Eyes

The perfect combination of lip colour and care, these tints will keep your pout soft with a veil of colour for an attractive pout that is must for V-Day! Wear our tinted liquid lip balm by itself, as a primer, or as a top coat over your favorites lipstick for a sleek shine. It can also be used to tint your cheeks and give your eyelids a fresh hue and subtle glow.

  • 24K Gold Brightening Ritual Kit

Face Elixir + Gua Sha

A powerful duo, it’s all you need for a great Valentine’s Day! Encased with our bestselling 24k Gold Radiance Beauty Boosting Face Elixir along with the Rose Quartz Gua Sha, it works best together to beautify and illuminate the skin for an instant glow for your date night. 

  • Lip Care Trio Gift Set

Lip Scrub + Lip balm + Lip Mask

The ultimate romantic gesture is letting your lips do all the talking. Well, for that, you must keep them pout-perfect. Exfoliate your lips with the luxurious scrub to get rid of dead cells, dab it up with the liquid lip balm serum to nourish it and reduce pigmentation, and then simply mask it with the lip mask for rosy pink hydration. This is indeed a lovely choice to gift for the season of love.

  • Mini Rose quartz Roller

The stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz is the perfect pick for a love-filled day like Valentine’s. It emits a strong vibration of love, joy, and emotional healing, making it a great gift for anyone looking to relax, fall in (self) love and boost skin health.


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