The festival of colours is here, but we’ve got you covered.

Though not widely known, Holi is the Indian festival of love, celebrated as a tribute to Kamadeva, the god of love. It is also symbolic of accepting your own beauty, and primarily celebrates the courtship between Lord Krishna and Radha through a vibrant festival full of colours.

While the movement to use more organic colours on Holi is gaining a wide following, there are still a few people who might use artificial colours unknowingly. These are not only harmful to the skin but also affect the health of the body. Besides that, there are hours of exposure to the sun and water, which causes the natural oil on the skin to diminish, causing dry skin. The same goes for hair, which becomes frizzy, dull, and dry as a result.

At RAS, we strongly believe that prevention is better than cure. Here are our skincare recommendations to shield your skin and hair from colours, water and long exposure in the sun.

Skincare with body polishes and body oils

Gently massage Lustre Liquid Luxury Body Oil onto the body using a circular motion. Packed with the goodness of potent botanicals, it will get quickly absorbed into the skin and still continue to act as a shield against impurities and chemicals seeping into the skin. It also provides unparalleled nutrition and some much-needed hydration.

A good skin scrub goes a long way, and our body polishes are a testimony to it! Treat yourself to these indulgences, both before and after playing Holi. These gentle yet effective skin scrubs are available in bases of Himalayan Pink Salt and Cane Sugar. Scrub away all the Holi colours and impurities; get ready for flawless soft skin and absolutely invigorating experience.

Hair care with Argan Pure Plant Oil

Hair care woes always accompany long exposure to sun and water, not to mention artificial chemicals! An ancient beauty secret from Morocco, aptly called ‘Liquid Gold’, Argan Pure Plant Oil is a hair care companion you’ll swear by. Packed with Vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, this non-greasy miracle oil absorbs quickly, and moisturizes the hair, imparting it an unparalleled radiance and nourishment. It also acts as a shield between the hair and prevents it from the damaging effect of free radicals in Holi colours.

Facial skin care with face elixirs

Seal your skin with long hours of moisture, hydration, and a glowing appearance with Luminous Skin Clearing Face Elixir. A luxurious blend of botanicals that are pure, natural, and organic, it provides the ultimate protection from artificial colours and long hours of dehydrating celebrations in the sun. It also prevents breakouts and keeps your skin luminescent and nourished. (Face elixirs works wonders on lips as well.)

With these handy tips for Holi, you can now rest assured with the most natural and effective skincare routine. Stay hydrated, stay safe, and a very happy Holi to you!

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