Cooler mornings, shorter days, and brown leaves, Autumn has officially arrived.

As a time of transition, autumn is the best time to rejuvenate and repair your skin by correcting any summer damage and preparing your complexion for winter.

Following are the few steps that you can follow:

Tip #1:  Your Cleansing and Exfoliating Routine

Heading into the fall season, use a gentle cleanser which soothes and calms the skin is in order.  To save your skin from becoming dull, lacklustre and dehydrated during the autumn months, up your exfoliation to twice a week – This also Includes exfoliating your body . Exfoliating regularly, helps to increase cellular regeneration and removes dead skin cells that can hinder the absorption of products

Choose from our gently and nourishing scrubs

Tip #2: Inject More Nourishment

Switch up your moisturizer to a thicker version once the temperature drops. Also, avoid any cosmetics that contain drying alcohol, as it strips your skin of moisture and can cause it to become dry and itchy.

Add Rosehip Oil to your moisturizer


If you’ve never tried a facial oil before, now is the perfect time to invest in one. With a beautifully light and highly absorbent texture and an intense nourishing feel, facial oils are the ideal products to give your skin the edge against the seasonal changes – make sure to apply it to your undereye area as well

Tip #3: Stock Up Your Lip Balm
The effects of the suns rays combined with the onset of biting cold weather can leave you with dry, chapped lips. So investing in a highly moisturizing lip balm and you can use some fine sugar to exfoliate your lips too



Tip #5:  Add a Body Oil

Skin that suffers from dryness and a lackluster appearance isn’t limited to the face and lips.  Use a body oil to repair and restore the skin barrier and provide long lasting hydration from head to toe.

Tip #6: Eat Seasonally

Treating the outside of skin is all very well, but it’s important to complement an autumnal skin routine with a nutritional and seasonal diet. Autumn is the harvest season, so we have access to a lot of greens (spinach) and reds (carrot, apple, pumpkin), that are rich in beta-carotene to aid cell renewal, normal skin function and collagen production.

HINT HINT HINT , Stay tuned for something new coming up to bless our skincare routines this winter.

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