Health and beauty tips for you while you Stay at home or work from home!

Health and beauty tips for you while you Stay at home or work from home!

When time is tough and it slows down, we must join our hands together to move in tandem in order to defeat our common enemy (here – corona virus). This is a time where we can also revisit our old hobbies and build new ones like practicing yoga everyday, reading a book, learning new dishes, paint a canvas, following a skincare regime etc.

Here are some health and beauty tips for you while you Stay at home or work from home (WFH) to maximize your time capacity to the best:

  1. Start your day well! Oil your hair with Luscious Treatment Hair oil, follow your bath routine on time & keep yourself energized to work from home the entire day. Follow up with our enriching body oils after & Face Elixir for your Face.

  2. Sanitizing & Washing hands is being preached everywhere and rightly so. Do it religiously but also moisturize your hand so that they don’t get ripped off its natural moisture. Use our Argan or Pomengranate oil and keep it at your home desk to keep your hands hydrated.                                             Shop Face Elixirs                                                                                                     
  3. Eat, eat and eat essential  nutrients. Stock your body up with dry fruits like pumpkin seeds, almonds, etc and vitamin C like kiwi, papaya, berries, oranges, etc. Avoid refined foods and focus on wholesome veggies. Garlic, ginger, onion, tomato must be your side dish with every meal. This will not only build up your immunity wall to guard against viruses but also impart an everlasting glow to your skin.

  4. Over your virtual coffee breaks, ditch caffeine and drink a concoction of giner, tulsi, black pepper, turmeric and lemon. This will detox your body. Also, fuel yourself up with lots and lots of water.
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  5. Declutter your beauty closet. All the expired products must be thrown away and replaced with natural skincare.

  6. Take a break and exercise. Not only your body but also your facial muscles. Use our facial rollers everyday to distress those muscles and hence facilitating lymphatic drainage to give you toned skin.

  7. While you are working away at your home desk, just soak your feet in warm water added with a few drops of lemon, rosemary, peppermint, lavender or any essential oil for a doze of freshness. Remember, our feet are the most neglected part of our body and since you don’t have to step out in the sun and dust anymore, you can revive them back to its natural state.

  8. Refresh your face instantly without having to touch it with the Rose Nectar Face mist and keep it hydrated and glowing.                                                   Shop Rose Nectar
  1. Use this time of social distancing to connect and bond over with your friends and family. This is not a time of isolation but rather of reflective solitude.


Stay home, stay protected, stay safe!
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