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Lately, I have been seeing the trend of face oils and more and more people trying it out. Given that my skin is very acne prone, I could not understand how putting more oil on my skin could be of any benefit?

A few weeks back I came across this brand Rasluxuryoils 
They make beautiful oils completely organic and the fragrance is just divine.

I have been using them and the results are just wonderful. I have tried the night elixir and you make up to a fresh and plump skin in the morning…which is such a great feeling. They are not greasy at all or feel heavy on the skin, which is something I was very skeptical about.

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    • Richa

    • January 16, 2019 at 06:17 am

    I have been hearing rave reviews of the same, but it is the price point which is a deterrent for me right now..sticking to my tried and tested Bio Oil for now 😀

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