Vetiver Refresh Face Mist Subscription

Rs. 640


Size: 50ml Glass Spray Bottle

A revitalizing facial mist that energizes and awakens the skin. A powerful concoction of vetiver to Calm, Hydrate & maintain pH balance, peppermint to invigorate and tea tree Hydrosols to reduce oiliness and clean pores.


  • Reduces oiliness and occurrence of acne
  • Calms the skin and soothes the senses
  • Reduce the appearance of Pores
  • Hydrates the skin and balances pH
  • Acts as a natural astringent
  • Safe alcohol-free toner


    Ingredient Focus:

    Vetiver, loaded with antibacterial properties, has a natural ability to reduce acne and appearance of dark spots and reveal a smoother, younger-looking complexion. It contains a unique natural composition called Vetiverol and it works effectively on dry skin patches, swelling and eczema.

    Peppermint’s menthol content has a cooling effect that reduces inflammation and encourages clear, bright skin. It also enhances mood and energy levels.

    Light and refreshing Tea Tree clears redness and excess oil without drying. Hence, very beneficial for acne prone and blemished skin. It cleans the pores and make them appear tighter.

    Direction of use:

    After cleansing the face and body, mist onto the face, neck, and body as needed. Use on the go to replenish and hydrate your skin or instead of toner as part of your beauty regime.

    Use as an after shave mist to calm your skin.


    Pure Steam-Distilled Hydrosols of Vetiver, Peppermint and Tea Tree.


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