RAS Shine on Duo Set with 24k Gold Radiance Face Elixir & Jade Gua Sha

Rs. 3,435 Rs. 4,580

Get the ideal glowing & healthy skin with this duo - The super loved 24k Gold Radiance Face elixir along with the Jade Gua Sha to massage and tone skin. This beauty duo will keep your skin shining

This Box Contains:

24K Gold Radiance Beauty Bosting Face Elixir:

The benefits of gold have been emphasized for thousands of years in Ayurveda for its beautifying and illuminating properties. So, we bring to you our limited edition 24K Gold Radiance Face Elixir which is a glimmering concoction of the finest oils such as Rosehip, Pomegranate, Frankincense, Saffron, Calendula and  24k Gold. Along with super nourishing and brightening properties of Radiance Face Elixir, properties of gold flakes help to: Read more

Jade Gua Sha:

The Jade Gua Sha is an ancient wellness tool, ‘Gua’ me means ‘scrape’ and ‘Sha’ means ‘sand or pebbles’. Hence, it’s a treatment that involves scraping a flat jade on the skin in upward strokes to lift skin, relax stiff muscles and promote tissue drainage. Read more

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