Pamper your Self Skincare Gift Set

Rs. 1,984 Rs. 2,480
Get this Value set of RAS bestsellers that will give you radiant glowing skin in no time! This 100% Natural & organic skincare collection will solve all your skin woes.
This Gift set Contains:
1. Luminous Skin Clearing Face Elixir 6ml
2. Rose Nectar Face Mist & Toner 50ml 
3. Oh-So-Luxe Liquid Lip Balm 
4. Lavender & Tea Tree Hand Sanitizer Spray

Luminous Skin-Clearing Face Elixir is a purifying blend of super-absorbent, nutrient-rich oils that purifies, balances and cleanses your skin from within. With antimicrobial essential oils that prevent and reduce acne, oil imbalance and inflammation, it gives you a flawless complexion. 

Rose Nectar Face and Body Spritz is a natural refreshing mist that tones and tightens the skin, nourishing and healing from the inside-out. Spray liberally to hydrate and restore tired skin with a lasting glow. Best Toner - Winner from Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2019

Oh So Luxe Liquid Lip Balm Drench your chapped lips with precious oils with a swipe of this luxurious lip balm. Formulated with 100 Natural & Organic ingredients, this rich treatment moisturizes plumps up and smoothens the lips In a single swipe.

RAS Moisturising hand sanitiser spray made with Moisturising ingredients such as aloe gel & Vegetable glycerin offers rinse free protection on the go. With easy to use spray option it can also be used to sanitise phones, and small surface such as handles and doors when travelling. The soothing lavender & geranium essential oils gives a floral aroma and tea tree acts as a natural antibacterial.

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