Discover RAS

Rs. 5,740

Discover the exquisite collection at RAS through our ultimate Discovery Gift Set giving you a luxurious spa-like feeling at home. This set is curetted to give you a complete wellness experience from head to toe.

Lemongrass Pure Essential Oil:

Size: 10 ml

Lemongrass essential oil exudes a fresh, uplifting aroma that can be used to refresh and rejuvenate the mind and body, relieve stress and enhance the ambience. Learn More

Radiance Beauty-Boosting Day Face Elixir:

New & Improved
Size: 15ml

Radiance Beauty-Boosting Day Face Elixir is a beautifying blend of the finest plant oils and essential oils that not only boost the luminescence of the skin, but also keep it hydrated and balanced. With a fresh, floral aroma and a non-greasy texture, it leaves the skin with a sublime glow. Learn More


Rose Nectar Face & Body Spritz:

Size: 50 ml

Rose Nectar Face and Body Spritz is a natural refreshing mist that tones and tightens the skin, nourishing and healing from the inside-out. Spray liberally to hydrate and restore tired skin with a lasting glow. Learn More

Serenity Liquid Luxury:

Size: 100 ml

Experience the true essence of tranquility, calm and luxuriousness with Serenity Luxury body oil. It ushers in a state of relaxation while elevating the mind and mood. Jojoba oil and Sweet Almond oil help detox the skin, as well as smoothen, firm and moisturize it. Lavender essential oil calms and re-energizes the body, while Sweet Orange uplifts the aura. Learn More


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