Clear skin ritual kit for oily acne prone skin

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This Ritual set of Vetiver Refresh Face Spritz, Luminous Skin Clearing Face Elixir & Rose Quartz Roller is the perfect solution for combination, problematic & acne prone skin.

Hydrate and tone with the soothing blend of vetiver refresh which has tea tree peppermint and Vetiver to calm and soothe skin as well as work to reduce the appearance of pores. Nourish and balance with the Skin clearing Face Elixir which is a non-comedogenic blend of oils that will give you clear, blemish free skin.

Following the ritual with a massage the super cooling Rose Quartz face roller which will improve blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage to increase cell turnover and get rid of acne marks and scars to give you healthy glowing skin.

How to use:
Use the mist on a clean face and spray 2-3 pumps on to skin. Pat it in gently

Warm 2-4 drops of the Elixir by gently rubbing your palms together to activate it. Massage on cleansed face and neck, with light, soothing movements.

The tool is designed with a large end for the jaw and cheeks and a small end for area around the mouth and the eyes, follow the steps inside the box and follow the instructions.

For best results, use the face oil twice daily, in the morning and at night, after moistening the skin with the Face Spritz.
You can use the Face roller everyday twice as well.

Vetiver Refresh Face Mist:

A revitalizing facial mist that energizes and awakens the skin. A powerful concoction of vetiver to Calm, Hydrate & maintain pH balance, peppermint to invigorate and tea tree Hydrosols to reduce oiliness and clean pores.

Skin type: All Skin Type. More Details


Luminous Skin-Clearing Face Elixir:

Luminous Skin-Clearing Face Elixir is a purifying blend of super-absorbent, nutrient-rich oils that purifies, balances and cleanses your skin from within. With antimicrobial essential oils that prevent and reduce acne, oil imbalance and inflammation, it gives you a flawless complexion.
Lightweight Serum like texture with a nourishing feel.

Skin type: Oily acne prone skin type. More details


Rose Quartz Face Roller:

Rose Quartz face roller is an ancient beauty & wellness tool designed to gently massage your face to stimulate the lymphatic drainage beneath the skin layers, increase micro-circulation &reduce puffiness. The rose quartz crystal gives a cool and relaxing effect and it is the stone of universal love, It helps promote self-love and gives you healthy glowing skin.

Skin type: All Skin Type. More Details



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