Clear Skin Duo Set

Rs. 1,135 Rs. 1,290

Indulge in the best of luxury organic skincare, Handcrafted from farm to face! Get clear & Refreshed skin with this toner & serum duo set.

Luminous Skin-Clearing Face Elixir is a purifying blend of super-absorbent, nutrient-rich oils that purifies, balances and cleanses your skin from within. With antimicrobial essential oils that prevent and reduce acne, oil imbalance and inflammation, it gives you a flawless complexion.
Lightweight Serum like texture with a nourishing feel.


Cleanses the skin and removes impurities

Clears acne, scars, and blemishes

Gives a well-balanced, glowing skin

Hydrated and nourishes the skin

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Rose Nectar Face and Body Spritz is a natural refreshing mist that tones and tightens the skin, nourishing and healing from the inside-out. Spray liberally to hydrate and restore tired skin with a lasting glow.
Best Toner - Winner from Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2019


Acts as a natural astringent

Safe alcohol-free toner

Hydrates the skin and balances pH

Reduces oiliness and tightens pores

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