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The festival of colours is just around the corner! Being the most vibrant festival of the year, it is celebrated with ecstatic excitement all over the country. Fun, frolic and a spectrum of colours fill every street, lighting up every quiet, gray corner with joy and laughter!

However, there’s no denying that as much as we love Holi, our skin is harmed by it. Most colours and dyes used are made with harmful chemicals, that are not meant for the skin. Since our skin absorbs most of what is applied to it, we must be very attentive of what goes on our skin and what shouldn’t.
Our team at RAS Luxury Oils gives you a few pre and post Holi tips, to keep our skin healthy, vibrant and always beautiful!
Pre-Holi skin care:
1. To protect your skin from harmful chemicals being absorbed by it, cover your body with oil before playing Holi. You can apply Pomegranate or Jojoba oil, which is safe to use on the face and is also recommended for babies and pregnant women. You can also blend easily available Almond oil (2 teaspoons) with Olive oil (1 teaspoon) and Coconut oil (3 teaspoons) and apply to your body. For your face, you can use a nourishing Face Elixir from our range, to provide the ultimate protection, along with so many other amazing benefits. Oil not only protects your pores but also gives your skin a healthy shine!
2. Sunscreen is a must! Slather on a generous amount of sunscreen, or use Pomegranate oil which is a natural sunscreen with SPF 15.
3. Oil and tie/braid your hair and scalp to prevent the colours and dyes from settling on your scalp. The oil also protects your hair from the chemicals that tend to dry and damage the hair, leaving it dull and lifeless. You can also add Tea Tree, Rosemary or Lavender essential oil to soothe the scalp and provide that extra nourishment to it!
4. Organic colours for Holi have been recently available in the market, though slightly more expensive than regular chemical-induced colours. Promote a chemical-free, safe Holi, buy organic gulaal or DIY your own natural colours using supplies available in your kitchen!
Post-Holi skin care:
1. Rub your skin with Jojoba oil and then use moist cotton to clean the colours off. Take a warm water bath and moisturize your skin well with a hydrating body oil such as Pomegranate or Argan oil. You can also use a Body Polish from our range to gently scrub away the colours and impurities.
2. Rinse your hair with warm water and use a mild, natural shampoo and conditioner to cleanse your hair. If the colour is stubborn, just oil your hair again, adding a drop of Lemon and Tea Tree essential oil to it. Do not overuse shampoo, as it will strip your scalp of its natural nourishment. Finish your cleansing ritual with a nourishing, non-sticky hair oil. Argan oil is the perfect hair serum for lustrous, healthy hair!
3. Keep your skin fresh, moisturized and hydrated all day with our Rose Nectar Face and Body Mist, an enriching combination of Rose Hydrosols, Lavender and Geranium.
With these amazing tips, we’re sure that not only you, but your skin will love Holi too! Happy Holi!
Join us to promote a safe, chemical-free, happy Holi! Get yourself and your loved ones a special Holi Gift Hamper from RAS Luxury Oils, featuring organic gulaal and “Holi Ke Baad” skin care! #loveyourskin
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