Our Founder

RAS Luxury Oils Founder, Shubhika Jain, was raised in a happy and thriving household, among strong, beautiful women who taught her that only in balancing the mind, body and spirit, does everlasting beauty reflect on our skin.

As a child, she was immersed in rituals instilled in her by her mother – rituals that have been passed on from mother to daughter for generations in her family. These rituals sought to establish one’s holistic balance and inspired a sense of well-being with the help of age-old Ayurvedic practices dating as far as 5000 years!

With a passion for plants and gardening, Shubhika’s mother, Sangeeta created her own beauty concoctions with handpicked flowers, herbs, and other natural ingredients – this practice is what first inspired Shubhika to inculcate a natural beauty regimen of using natural, potent face and body oils instead of lotions and creams containing harmful and toxic ingredients. 

Shubhika went on to Lady Shri Ram college and became equipped with the tools to turn her passion into a blossoming business. Guided by her mother, the co-founder and inspiration behind the ideals of our brand, Shubhika worked to create and build all that Ras Luxury Oils is today.

Bringing direction to almost 20 years of research and development in their lab, she strived to introduce 100% pure, honest and absolutely luxurious beauty and skincare products, encouraging people around the globe to say “NO” to unnatural, ‘unpronounceable’ cosmetic ingredients. Shubhika, through the birth of Ras, endorses the benefits of essential oils as well as face and body elixirs in beauty, self-healing, and vitality, and urges everyone to nurture and nourish their inner magnificence and radiate beautifully!