Winter is well and truly here, and so are a host of skin and other maladies! With these amazing skincare and wellness essentials in your arsenal, get ready to take on the season! It’s time to care for your skin wellness, lift your dampened spirits during the dull weather, alleviate your mood, and tackle winter ailments, by taking advantage of the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils.

1. Face Elixir range

Changing season can affect the skin and aggravate the existence of skin conditions, and facial skin is more prone to all this. The cold air tightens the skin’s pores and reduces blood circulation. This reduces the naturally occurring oil or sebum, resulting in dry, dull and flaky skin that is prone to wrinkles.

The Face Elixir range ensures that your natural radiance and beauty shines through, while giving your skin the nourishment and care it needs. Available for all skin types, these nutrifying products are packed with the goodness of precious essential oils like Argan, Rose, Geranium, Jojoba, Primrose, Tea Tree, Juniper Berry and various others.

2. Eucalyptus essential oil

With the changing weather there are also changes in the external environment which also causes stress, colds, nausea during winter months. Diffusing a few drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil, which has an earthy, yet crisp aroma with woody notes, promotes a feeling of relaxation. Its invigorating fragrance stimulates the mind and aids in improving blood circulation. It is also highly useful for its therapeutic analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, rejuvenating the body and enhancing immunity naturally.

3. Argan Pure Plant Oil

Pure plant essential oils can be diffused or blended in a carrier oil for topical application. Argan Pure Plant Oil, or ‘Liquid Gold’, is an ancient beauty secret packed with Vitamin A and C that gives your skin a natural boost and miraculous shine. It is also super-absorbent and leaves no oily residue on the skin. It also conditions the hair, leaving it silky smooth and hydrated.

4. Lustre Liquid Luxury

To take care of your skin the right way you need to use rich oils. This oil is a special blend of natural, skin-loving essential oils, and is your perfect companion for this weather. It helps combat dryness and flakiness, and revives reenergises the skin, imparting a healthy glow.

5. Rose Nectar Spritz

This is a beauty secret that has been used for thousands of years to make your skin more receptable to skincare rituals. It hydrates and moisturises like no other, and lives the pH balance of the skin at an optimum. A hydrating concoction, made from pure hydrosols of Rose, Geranium and Lavendar, it will give your skin a fresh, toned look. This Spritz can be used before other rituals and is suitable for all skin types.

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