Whats Our Process


Cultivation & Extraction

Aromatic crops are cultivated and harvested.

They are then put through the process of steam distillation to extract essential oils.

Products that cannot be processed at our facility are procured from renowned manufacturers who provide the highest quality ingredients and products with all required certifications.


Testing & Approval

These raw materials are put through various testing processes such as GC-MS, in our machines with a huge library of fragrances.

After approval, they are sent to our DSIR-approved R&D lab, where they are formulated using ancient Ayurvedic principles applied to modern lifestyle.


Production & Packaging

The formulations are then produced in small batches in our GMP Approved* Facility.

It is bottled by hand into 100% hygienic,
autoclaved bottles.

The bottles are then
packaged finally into their cartons ready for