Events & Expo

Luxury Lifestyle Weekend

Mumbai, 22nd - 24th February 2018

Thank You to everyone at Luxury Lifestyle Weekend @llwindia for making this weekend a success story! We are also grateful to all our patron at LLW for loving our products and choosing organic over chemical.

Luke's Farmers Market

RESET - Mumbai & Bangalore

Our farmers market is a non-profit vendor run initiative. It’s a community in itself that has farmers/vendors who grow their own organic, fresh, local produce and other products that can add value and health to our lives while charging nothing over and above its production cost. Along with fresh produce, there will be a large assortment of healthy and organic products to offer that can add value to your health and living.

Wedding Vault

Taj Westend, Bangalore , 1st November 2018

RAS was the skincare partner for The Wedding Vault, a curated experience brought to you by The Attic Gray, conceptualized & executed by Jyoti Sachdev Iyer.

The Wedding Vault was to create a unique wedding concierge experience for Bangalore, a one day gala that caters to all your wedding needs. From designer wear to skincare!

The Dhoom Dhaam Wedding Trunk Show

Mumbai, 1st September 2018


Delhi, 21st September 2018

RAS Luxury Oils, a Luxury natural skincare brand with presence in top cities in India & abroad, will be present at the Dhoom Dhaam Trunk Show! Popular celebrity stylist, Tanya Ghavri, known for styling Bollywood A-listers and famous producer and director Ashi Dua, is here with handpicked designers and brands from all over the country under one roof with the Dhoom Dhaam Wedding Trunk Show.


Bangalore, 26th August 2018

An Exclusive Launch | RAS Luxury Oils-Luxurious, Natural Skincare, and Wellness handcrafted from “farm to bottle”. Indulge in a relaxing afternoon with Blown’s signature cocktail and experience the essence of inner beauty with the founder of RAS.


Raipur, 20th- 21st August 2018

Exclusive launch of RAS in its own city, Raipur! Raipur experiences the magic in our exclusive experiential zone & immerse in a world of indulgence with our founders and experts -at Azra – The Luxury Edit Rakhi & Trousseau Special!

Avant Garde

Indore, 14-15th July 2018

Exclusive Retail launch at Indore at the wonderful abhyuday Exhibition ‘18 where everyone got to experience RAS and gain insight on the brand and product usage with the founder Shubhika Jain.
RAS products are now available at the tastefully curated designer boutique – Avant Garde.

RAS Luxury Oils | An Exclusive Pop-Up

Presented By Sayesha Sachdev

St. Regis, Mumbai on 23rd April 2018

RAS Luxury Oils celebrates the very essence of life, to inspire a sense of happiness and luxury in every moment and to awaken our senses to a higher experience using ancient sciences, holistic practices, and spiritual traditions.



El Charro Cyberport

Hong Kong, 12th June 2018

With 150+ seats EL Charro ticks all the boxes in its appearance with its eye-catching interior featuring bright red and sunburst orange, tilled tables fill the main floor area whilst clever partitioning creates several private areas for those requiring a little privacy.

HKTDC Beauty & Wellness Expo 17

Hong Kong, 17th Aug 2017

RAS Luxury Oils was launched internationally at the esteemed HKTDC beauty and wellness expo, at one of the biggest convention centers in the world, HKCEC in Hong Kong. RAS Luxury oils were present at expo along with several prestigious, world-renowned brands. With increased consumer interaction and business opportunities, Hong Kong gave the RAS team exposure to a multi-national market.

Middle East Natural & Organic Products Expo '17

Dubai, 11th-13th Dec 2017

The Middle East Organic & Natural Expo Dubai is the only dedicated trade fair of its kind in the Middle East and North African region. RAS participated and received a great acknowledgment from customers, distributors, and stockists. Venturing into the Middle East was amazing and we are grateful for the positive response.

Ruchika Fest 2017

Mumbai, 6th July 2017

RAS Luxury Oils was launched at Ruchika Fest on the 6th of July 2017. Hosted at the elite Dome at NSCI in Mumbai giving RAS a perfect platform to step into the world. With immense success and positive response from the people, made all of the efforts of the RAS team pay-off!