Ras Rewards

They say goodness always gets rewarded in some manner or the other. Look no further! We’re here to reward your goodness in a fun manner.

Here are the multiple ways you can get Ras reward points:

Rs. 1 = 5 Reward Points

100 Reward points = Rs. 20 as a Discount

eg. 1000 Reward Points = Rs. 200 !

Birthday delight!

Your birthday is an extremely special day and we want to make sure Ras has a ‘good’ role in making it even more special!

Get 1000 Ras reward points on your birthday i.e. Rs.200 for you to redeem at your next order on our website!

Referral joy!

Spreading goodness often comes at a cost. At Ras, that means Ras Products at a lower cost :)

Get 1000 Ras reward points i.e. Rs.200/- off every time your referred person’s first purchase on the website is realised.

What’s more? Your friend gets 10% off on their first order too.

#RecycleWithRas just got better

Our unique #RecycleWithRas  feature, allows you to not only reduce environmental damage but also reduces how much you’d spend on your next purchase.

For every empty you send us, we reward you with 250 Ras reward points i.e. Rs. 50 in shopping credits on rusluxuryoils.com!