Natural Beauty Rituals From our Mother | Mothers Day Special

Natural Beauty Rituals From our Mother | Mothers Day Special


While our mother’s love is immeasurable, her tips and tricks passed onto us can be well contained and inked in our memories forever. We all know how Priyanka Chopra uses besan (gram flour) as a beauty ritual or how Anushka Sharma relies on neem face pack for that iridescent glow. Time and again most celebrities have propagated in various interviews that they swear by their Mom’s beauty tips most of which reside in our kitchens (or nature!).

On this Mother’s Day, here is an excerpt from our interview with our Co-founder Shubhika Jain about her mother’s (and, our Co-founder Sangeeta Jain) natural yet powerful beauty tricks that she abides by.

Her mother is a strong believer in the fact that – flow with the rhythm of nature. She taught to believe equally in external application and balancing the state of mind and body. That is why Shubhika begins her morning with 30 minutes of meditation followed by yoga & pranayama to power through the day.

She recommends that your kick-starter for morning must be a glass of warm water. This helps flush out toxins from our body and helps to regulate our digestion system. Shubhika adds about her morning routine, “I splash my face with cold water every morning as it decreases any morning puffiness and closes our pores”.

Then, one must follow the technique of oil-pulling (swishing 1 tbsp of oil in your mouth for 10 minutes). Her mother preaches by this technique, as it is not only great for oral health but also for a healthy body by flushing out toxins.

Then to wash the face, her mother has always been using gentle ubtans as powdered cleansers. A simple yet powerful of one such is a mix of red lentil/ green gram flour + yogurt + honey. This helps to clean our skin thoroughly by gently exfoliating and hydrating it while keeping any infections at bay.  She then moisturizes her face using our Radiance face serum. Also, she adds “Don’t wash your face twice a day (unless you have really oily skin) as it pulls out all the natural moisture from our skin. For dry and normal skin, Mom recommends cleaning face with oils like Jojoba & Argan”.

Being a firm believer in the deeply moisturizing and healing properties of oils, oil has been THE favorite moisturizer for the RAS family. Right from face to body, they believe in oiling religiously in all seasons. Shubhika adds, “Oils are lipophilic hence retain moisture while deeply penetrating into the skin. They strengthen skin’s natural barrier. However, one has to be careful regarding what oil to use when and where. Like coconut oil has cooling property hence makes excellent body moisturizer for winter”. Of course as and when she dived into the nitty gritty of it, she realized how a potent blend of powerful oils can act as an excellent moisturizer thereby creating body oils, face oils and lip oil for RAS.

Shubhika’s Mom stresses on the importance of hydration and nutrition for a healthy looking skin and ensuring a diet to support that as well. One has to understand one’s skin better by observing it everyday and then taking care of it likewise.

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