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Love Your Body Gift Set

Rs. 4,512 Rs. 4,750

Pamper yourself to the fullest using our Love Your Body gift set containing only the most effective and gentle products to make your skin look soft and supple. This gift box is perfect to gift to your loved ones to show them the love and care they deserve.

This integrated beauty program consists of our best selling ‘Serenity Liquid Luxury’ for relaxing your body by soothing the muscles for uplifting the spirit for a delightful mood.

Argan Pure Plant Oil is an ancient beauty secret that gives your skin a lustrous glow and leaves it feeling sublime.

Soothing Lavender & Geranium Salt Scrub- This detoxifying and exfoliating scrub works wonders and leaves you with a firmer, younger looking skin.

All of our products are cruelty-free and vegan, made with only natural botanicals for the wellness of your mind and body. 

SKU Description:

Serenity Liquid Luxury – Serenity Liquid Luxury relaxes the body by soothing the muscles and eases away stress, uplifting the spirits for a delightful experience!

Argan Pure Plant Oil – Acts as an incredible skin toner. Being rich in Vitamin A and C, it promotes the health of the skin, clearing it of acne and helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines, keeping your skin nourished.

Soothing Lavender & Geranium Salt Scrub – This detoxifying, exfoliating and nourishing salt polish has a nutrient-rich formula leaving you with firmer, younger-looking skin. 


Serenity Liquid Luxury – 100% PureOrganic Essential Oil blend of Geranium, Sweet Orange, Frankincense and Patchouli with Lavender and Tea Tree essential oil in a blended base of Cold-Pressed Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Grapeseed oil and Sweet Almond oil.

Argan Pure Plant Oil – 100% Pure, cold-pressed Moroccan Argan oil.

Soothing Lavender & Geranium Salt Scrub – 100% pure organic essential oil blend of Geranium and Lemon with Lavender essential oil in a blended base of cold-pressed Grapeseed oil, Olive oil, and Himalayan salt

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